Piton Science & Technology is seeking a Program Manager to join our team of qualified, diverse individuals in defining the future. These positions will be located at the Joint Staff on site at the Pentagon, Arlington, VA.  The qualified applicant will become part of the team providing the Joint Chiefs of Staff, J-8 with Joint Staff J8 Analytic Agenda and Adaptive Planning Development support services.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide assistance to the Program Manager directing the contractor team providing support to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (J-8) organization.
  • Provide liaison between the contractor team and customer task management to ensure alignment of analysis efforts, directions and business requirements, provide leadership over activities providing analytic and functional support to the Joint Staff J-8 ensuring timely and cost effective delivery, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Education and Experience Requirement:

  • A Project Manager requires a Bachelors degree or higher with ten (10) years of joint technical program experience or related professional experience.
  • The candidate must have six (6) years experience as project lead or project manager of technical government programs.
  • Technical training may be substituted for the Bachelors degree with a total of 15 (fifteen) years of related professional experience.
  • An advanced degree may be substituted for two (2) years experience.
  • The candidate must be capable of directing, supervising and coordinating all technical activities within an assigned project; must have knowledge and experience in work planning, work assignment, task scheduling, work progress assessments, technical staff development, all applicable standards, and the technical work products required for each specific delivery order.
  • The candidate must also be able to direct and conduct program technical reviews with Government clients.
  • The preferred candidate will have lead technical projects for DoD including the Joint Staff.

Security Clearance Requirement: Position requires a Final Top Secret (TS) clearance based on a SSBI completed within the last 5 years as of 30 September 2009 and be eligible for SCI Access. Clearance will be verified in JPAS.

Preferred Qualifications: Experience with DoD budget analysis, cost estimation, and PBBES.

Resume Requirement: Candidates will be required to reformat their resumes into a standardized format and submit the revised resume in an MS Word document.

Work Environment:


Participate as a member of an analytical cell supporting he Analytic Agenda in the Joint Staff J8 Analytic Agenda and Adaptive Planning Development Division. Specifically, this analysis cell shall perform studies, analysis, and assessments of programs, processes, doctrines, policies and strategies, and provide the customer guidance, advice, and recommendations to support implementation and revision of the Defense Strategy. The Defense Strategy must be coordinated with the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System (PPBES) cycle. Specific tasks of the analytical cell shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:  


At the COCOMs specified in the TIs issued under this task order, the contractor shall provide expertise and perform the following tasks to support implementation of the Defense Strategy and Defense Planning Guidance (DPG) for the Analytic Agenda:

  • Staff, review, and provide coordination comments to the JS on up to eight Defense Planning Scenarios (DPSs) per year.
  • Provide inputs for Concepts of Operation (CONOPs) narratives and Force recommendations for up to six Multi-Service Force Deployment (MSFD) Conferences per year.
  • Provide ongoing status for up to three MSFD in-process CONOPs.
  • Support the database development and modeling a base-case and excursions in the Current Year Analytic Baseline process.
  • Attend up to six MSFD conferences per year to support the Government representatives from the specified COCOMs.
  • Support working groups for the MSFDs via secure video teleconference. Additionally, perform up to four trips to the Washington, DC area to support Analytic Baseline working groups or liaison with key players in the Analytic Agenda process.

In support of the JS coordination of the Analytic Agenda process, the contractor shall provide expertise in performing the following tasks:

  • Review up to eight DPSs per year. Provide and resolve critical comments on each DPS reviewed. Ease integration of JS, OSD, Services, and COCOM inputs to develop CONOPs.
  • Support execution of up to six MSFD Conferences per year. Support resolution of comments and track outstanding issues for up to six MSFD Conferences per year.
  • Support database development and model a base case and excursions in the Analytic Baseline process.
  • Maintain the Forces Database to support the Analytic Agenda and incorporate proper Analytic Baselines.

The contractor shall support the DoD''s reduced planning timeline and increased planning requirements by performing studies, analysis, and assessments of programs, processes, doctrines, policies and strategies which provide the customer with guidance, advice, and recommendations to support implementation and revision of the Deliberate Planning process. The contractor shall provide specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Draft, coordinate, and maintain emergent COCOM OPLANs/CONPLANs.
  • Conduct out-of-cycle reviews of COCOM OPLANs/CONPLANs to support OSD Contingency Planning Guidance.
  • Provide an objective assessment and course of action recommendations of draft plans.
  • Provide an assessment, and recommendations of planning guidance publications developed by OSD and the JS to include intelligence information. The results should aid the Government in developing Courses of Action determinations and operational plans.
  • Review courses of action presented by the Services, Service component commands, DoD agencies, and military organizations to assess adequacy of resource and force generation plans toward achieving the DoD''s goals.
  • Support drafting of up to six operations annexes per year.
  • Provide expert deliberate planning in support of the Joint Planning Process. Develop and maintain operations plans, concept plans, and functional plans in accordance with the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan, Guidance for Employment of the Force Contingency Planning, and other planning directives.
  • Provide support for emergent Time Phased Force Deployment Date (TPFDD) updates to support out-of-cycle OPLAN/CONPLAN reviews

This position is contingent upon contract award, budget, and/or customer approval with an anticipated September 1st start date.

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Piton Science & Technology is seeking a military veteran with strong written and verbal communication skills who can attend 3 and 4-star meetings, take minutes and actions, and generate information papers that are reviewed by Field Officer and General Officer level. Qualified applicant will also serve as liaison for Functional Capability Boards.

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